Attention Millennial Energy Engineers: Refrigeration = Impact

At Rebound, we recently had the honor of presenting at ATMOsphere America, the largest natural refrigerant conference in the United States. This was a great opportunity to introduce ourselves to some of the biggest names in refrigeration: Danfoss, Hillpheonix, Emerson, and Zero Zone were just a few of the companies we talked to about IcePoint™. Overall, it was a great experience!

One aspect of the conference really caught our attention: the lack of young people. To illustrate this point, I want to take a slight detour. About a month ago Kevin and I were on the phone with a Director from one of the aforementioned large refrigeration companies. That company had recently visited our lab and this individual wanted to know more about what we were doing. One comment he made really stood out: “What is surprising to me is that you all are doing this and your are not even 50!” What he was getting at was not something neither Kevin nor I had given a lot of thought to, as we tend to surround ourselves with startup entrepreneurs working in other industries: Refrigeration is an industry dominated by engineers with 30+ years in the sector. 

Debut of an MVP

Phase I of the National Science Foundation project wrapped up in January. Phase II is still an idea in a document, patiently awaiting the NSF’s green light. What’s a startup to do for six months without funding to build newer and better freeze point suppression cycles? Build an MVP of course. Don't know what an MVP is or wondering how on earth a physical tech company developing a brand new refrigeration system did it? Read on!

Lab Notebook: IcePoint™ is Ready to Keep Your Ice Cream Cold

IcePoint™ runs! The year ended on a high note as Rebound ran the first closed loop, freeze point suppression heat pump in existence. That might not mean much to you readers, but believe me, it means the world to the Rebound team. It's what we’ve been striving for since we thought of the concept back in early 2012. Read on to see how we did it!

Lab Notebook: Chipping Away at IcePoint™ Development

And just like that, Phase I of the IcePoint™ NSF project is complete!  Well, perhaps time has slowly dragging by for those of you hoping for new blog posts, but it flew by for us. Since we last touched base with you, the project rapidly developed from a warehouse with little more than potential into an operational prototype system.

Lab Notebook: Germany via Minimal Sleep and No Beer

Freiburg is a town rife with history and culture, according to Wikipedia. Everything I know about the German town I learned by walking to and from the Fraunhofer Institute each day over the course of a week. Needless to say, the 15 minute walk didn't provide the best german emersion experience. That said, here is what I did learn: Boulder is not the only town where most people commute by bike, most Germans are simultaneously completely fluent in and apologetic about their English, and it is possible to pack a months worth of membrane testing into a week long trip.

Tackling Two Technologies

Progress continues here at Rebound. Right after our last post, we were notified of an National Science Foundation (NSF) SBIR award to develop IcePoint. This opened up a whole new set of exciting possibilities and challenges for the Rebound technical team. In the past month, quite a few people have asked us how we intend to develop two technologies at the same time. The answer: an equal application of hard work and smart planning.