My name is Kevin Davis and, yes, I'm a member of

Author: Kevin Davis

I’m now a proud member of, and yes, my parents are proud. For those out there wondering what R-744 is, but to lazy to investigate, let me tell you: its the label designated to carbon dioxide when used as a refrigerant. Still confused and/or interested? Here is a quick pdf summary by Westway Services to help you out.

The average individual won’t get overly excited about various refrigerants, their benefits and drawbacks, but REbound’s recent investigation into the world of freezers forced us to leave behind our ‘average’ status and jump on the refrigeration geek train with the rest of the ASHRAE engineers. We’re boosting our knowledge of these useful, but often environmentally harmful fluids because we’ve created our own. And naturally we feel ours, when used for producing -10C to -30C freezer temperatures, is far superior to global refrigerants like R404a (synthetic), R-290 (propane), R-717 (Ammonia) and yes, R-744. But before I make my technical and economic case for why REbound’s refrigeration cycle trumps the state-of-the-art, I want to kick off a series of posts indicating why the refrigeration market has so much potential. So hold on to your hats, over the next few months you’re about to get your mind blown with a ride through the world of refrigeration. Upcoming posts will focus on sub topics such as:

  • Energy consumption (Quick Fact: refrigeration accounts for 60% of grocery store electricity load).
  • Environmental regulation (Quick Fact: CFC’s are out. HCFC’s close to out. HFC’s still emit significant GHG’s. Ammonia will kill you.)
  • Equipment Demand (Quick Fact: By 2016, annual global commercial refrigeration equipment sales will reach $36B.)
  • Why Europe once again is far more enviornmentally progressive than the United States

Stay tuned!